Date: Mon Jun 14 11:39:48 EDT 2010

2010 June VHF QSO Party, June 12, 2010

Station Info

Call: AA1I/P

Location: Portable at "Blueberry Hill", 1487' ASL, FN32mc, Granville, MA.

Site Photo: site photoHi-res

Category: QRP Portable (10W on all bands, portable power, portable equipment)

Notes: Setup in the rain, tore down and packed up in the rain and dark. Hit a rock on the way down the hill. Everything seemed fine until I got on the road and hit 30mph when a scary and expensive noise came from the right front wheel. Limped home at 25mph in the rain and dark. $1000 repair bill, and a ticked-off girlfriend.

At least there was some good E-Skip. 2 new entries in my top 10 all time Dx (K5QE EM31cj 2198.4km, N5HMH EM32xn 1988.3km), 3 new states (LA N5HMH, MI WZ8T, TX K5QE), new 6m best Dx (K5QE EM31cj 2198.4km, plus four more in my 6m top 10), 6 new 6m grids (EL88, El97, EM31, EM32, EM85, and EN72), and a new 70cm grid (FN41).



Old scoring rules

BandQSO'sQSO PointsGridsScore

Dx Scoring Rules

QSO'sTotal dx(km)Best dx (km)
38 17317.5 2198.4

Top 5 DX

callgriddx (km)
K5QE EM31CJ 2198.4
N5HMH EM32XN 1988.3
W5ZN EM45DH 1790.5
W4MAY EL97UG 1780.6
K2EK EL88WO 1715.3


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datetimecallgriddx (km)